Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now THAT's Better

Nothing like a little schmoop. If only it weren't on a message board. Oh well...I needed distraction today.

I realize that a responsible citizen would shop somewhere other than WalMart, but I simply can't afford to, especially at Back to School time. But I spent almost an hour in a 5 cart line in order to buy zip ties, magnet tape, and 8 3-ring binders. Eesh.

Then I go to Wendy's for lunch and get stuck behind a large -- and I mean large -- white truck that honked and honked and honked because the drive-thru people weren't responding. I pulled up and they did right away. Got my food, and then almost got run over when the white truck decided it couldn't get around the bend to get out of the drive-thru without backing up once.

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