Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You're Climbing...What, Now?

Folks...a little rant.

1. Peek = to look at something, usually surreptitiously (e.g. "he peeked around the corner to watch his mom hide the birthday presents").

2. Peak = the top of a mountain (e.g. "the peak of Everest is the highest place on the world")

3. Pique = spoiled anger (e.g. "a fit of pique") or to rise (e.g. "pique your interest").

In the last half hour, I've seen "peaked my interest" twice and "peeked my interest" once. Grrrrr.

Seriously, why am I the only one who remembers these things? (I know why I'm the only one who cares -- I'm a nerd.) Eesh.

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