Friday, October 26, 2007

And the Sub Was...

The good news is, Aide K is being reassigned to 2nd-Grade-J (the one who...well, let's just say, "the bathroom thing").

The bad news is, Aide S has strep throat.  Her sub today was Flake Aide D.

Then, at recess, Elastigirl's stomach flu caught up with Aide J, and she fled to the bathroom, where she promptly vomited and went home.

The other bad news is, Program Specialist PM tried really hard today -- as in, came to my classroom and disrupted my routine -- to get Aide Mrs. B to move to one of two other students.

Of course, when Elastigirl had yet another incidence of diarrhea, he fled.  Quickly.

Meanwhile, I'm more or less where I was yesterday -- nauseous all the the point where I wish I'd just get sick and get it over with.

However, Bulldozer's dad brought him today to talk about his bad day yesterday, and I was able to tell him that Bulldozer is much better when he brings him (not that that was true today, but I think the week was more or less a loss).


Mz. Cat said...

So Flaky showed up???? Did she mention her absences of the past?? curious.

SpooWriter said...

She didn't say a word; she was too busy trying to show off for Aide T, and making a complete mess of it -- and PH. Since Aide J went home and Bulldozer was done with school from the moment he got there (plus, he had speech today), she and I were both at our wits' end to keep the day running at least semi-smoothly.

Elastigirl even drew blood twice today, which hasn't happened in a long time, but my reflexes were too busy fighting the Must Vomit urge to worry about the Flailing Fingernails of Doom.