Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Should Just Keep My Mouth Shut

About a week ago, I commented that it was unusually cold for early/mid-October, and was surprised that we had not had any Santa Ana winds yet.

Yeah, bad idea.

Apparently, winds topped 108 miles per hour in one place last night, which is 3 mph shy of a category 3 hurricane.


There is a dense cloud of smoke visible from my house, though the wind is -- thankfully -- moving it away so that I can't smell it. However, seeing it sucks. There's also a fire near my aunt and uncle's house; they were getting ready to get on a plane in Sacramento when a friend called and asked if they needed help evacuating. They are under an evacuation watch but have not had to evacuate yet.

Meanwhile, I am wondering what I will have my kiddos do tomorrow, since school will probably have indoor recess because of air quality.

I hate fires.


Amie said...

seriously. Driving home from SD today I was beginning to think that maybe EVERYTHING was on fire.

SpooWriter said...

Seems like that, doesn't it.

There only needs to be one between here and school and my torment will be complete. :-)