Friday, October 12, 2007

The Apple and The Tree

When I was in my credential classes, I heard lots of people complaining about the apple not falling far from the tree -- that is, the kids they taught had issues 'cause the parents had issues.

Generally speaking, kids with more severe disabilities have genetic stuff going on -- though, of course, that's debated with autism.  However, sometimes, like with Seventh Grade J, there's a lot of mom in the kid.

Well...there's a lot of PH in his mom.  Wow.

Plus, his grandma was scary.  She gave very little feedback -- verbal or nonverbal -- until the end of the IEP, when she suddenly said she liked the plan for PH and thought it was really good.

So the end result is that the IEP went fine.

Now to sleep for a long, long time.  (Yawn.)

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