Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'll chat about today and the impending doom I sense just around the corner, but for right now, I just have to rant about this:

I left my computer on last night with a large-fonted note to myself of what, exactly, I needed to accomplish tonight sitting open in Writing With Symbols. I do not recall what documents I had open, but I know at least it was my symbol-supported first half of "The Bells."

I do have automatic updates turned on, but they are set to install upon shut down. That is, they download in the background but do not actually install themselves until I shut down the computer. That seems, to me, to be a fair compromise between the fact that I would never remember to check Windows Update on a regular basis and the fact that I don't want other people's mitts on my computer.

And I certainly don't want people turning it off without my permission.

What galls me here is two things -- one, that Microsoft pushed this update and had it override my own security settings, for frell's sake; and, two, that it couldn't at least pop up the usual "The blah blah blah that you have just installed requires that you restart your computer to take effect. Click OK to restart your computer." That, at least, would have given me the option (once I came home and saw it) of scribbling out my note to myself, or of saving my to do list in a document.

Bad, bad, bad Microsoft...didn't you already apologize for stuff like this?

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