Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Day in History

So, the week is chugging by. Superhero and Bulldozer were both good today, and I got a very nice email from Superhero's mom when I reported that we're becoming cautiously hopeful that he's getting his raging hormones and testosterone-y temper under control.

In notable news, I found my old iPod -- hanging in a bag on my bedroom door (which is only closed when I sleep, which explains why I hadn't seen it). However, the story of how I found it is not so nice. One of the cats, Pumpkin, has adopted me. Every once in a while, I let her sleep on my bed (but she's a very needy and clingy cat, so I do this sparingly). Last night, I woke to the sound of her throwing up on my bed; when I woke up, I discovered she'd done...err...something else.

So, she's banished for a few days as punishment -- which worked remarkably well last time she was banished (for wetting on the bed). But to keep her out, my bedroom door has to be closed -- hence, me looking at the inside of my door with the lights on for the first time in...a long time.

Patrick is thrilled.

He will be more thrilled when I show him the inside pictures of the Mark VII monorails that I found on mousetimes.

Edited to add: His response was a wide grin, and repeating the phrase, "Wow, cool! Wonderful! That's so wonderful!" about ten times.

In nerdy news, while doing the kids' journals for next week, I stumbled across this tidbit: Caligula's (the bats**t insane Roman emperor, for my non-history-geek readers) real name was Gaius Caesar. I wonder if it's coincidence that Baltar on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica's name is Gaius? (Probably not. He's self-serving and insane. I may have to go back and look for other subtle allusions.)

Also, at some point, if I can find the words, I'd like to blog about the conviction of Katie McCarron's mother.

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Mz. Cat said...

Congrats on the Ipod finD!