Monday, January 14, 2008

Volume Discounts

I always take online reviews, particularly of mundane things like external hard drives, with a grain of salt.  I mean, who's really going to write a glowing review of their wonderful new external hard drive?  But if you buy one and it explodes two days later, you're likely to write a review.


All those reviews of Western Digital hard drive power supply issues?

Add mine to my list.

Starburst, we hardly knew ye.

(Also, I think the fact that the replacement costs only $10.00 suggests a certain volume of sales -- since it's a transformer, cord, and plug.  A power supply for an Apple laptop (granted, Apple tends to charge a premium for stuff like that) is around $90.)

In other news, Bulldozer and Superhero both had very good days.  M suffered, as she usually does, from the usual Monday issues -- plus, and it pains me that I've only just put two and two together, her bus is very loud, so she's often coming to school wound up.

Meanwhile, having Aide J out last Thursday and Friday allowed Aides S and T and I to rebuild some team camaraderie without the crazy.  She was...perturbed, shall we say, to find us all happily getting along today.  At least, I think that was it...her body language was pretty clear -- she turned so her back was to even Aide S.

I lived with my grandma's crazy for over twenty years...why, oh why, do I attract more?  Isn't one in anyone's life enough?

Finally, in the miraculous find category, Cat found her long-lost digital camera.  Maybe there's hope for my 5th gen iPod yet.

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