Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Baseball Cometh

The last time I had a tetanus booster, my arm swelled up like there was a tennis ball under my skin.

But I was a little girl then, and although that was enormous at the time, it doesn't do justice to the Moya-shaped growth that is appearing on my right arm.  It's at least baseball sized -- although oddly it's not swelling out (vertically) as much as the tenderness, slight swelling, and...hardness (?) of the skin (touch your arm relaxed and then with flexed arm feels flexed) is swelling horizontally.

On the plus side, the brain fog that enveloped me after the doctor's appointment -- a mix of reaction to the blood draw, the tension about that, the two vaccines, and such -- is slowly abating.

Just don't ask me what the Simpsons I just watched was about.

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