Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Elastigirl is still out sick. As near as I could get from my conversation with her mother, she has something "contagious" and has been on medicine for it but needs different medicine.

Thus, Aide J has been available to...err...help...the other kids.

Bulldozer has done pretty well this week, but Superhero's had it rough. He was better today but spent nearly all day yesterday with me (Aide S was out getting her knee MRIs redone; he may have to have more surgery). Aide S can keep him simmered, but even when I told Aide J to do certain things, she (as usual) kept harping on him.

I use "harping" deliberatly -- just like PH, she picks and picks and picks and picks. Her praise is...unenthusiastic and clearly not heartfelt. (Or, so it sounds, which is all that matters.) Her redirections are wordy and judgmental. Turns out even our psychologist had tried to explain to her to back off from certain kids, but no dice.

Anyhow, poor The Boss and PH somehow always end up on the receiving ends of her attitude. (Granted, The Boss was pushing it today -- with lots of flouncy teenager attitude and such.)

Anyway, it's time for journals. Sleeping Beauty (formerly known as Princess) is not at school, nor is Elastigirl. New Boy C has not started yet. So it's 6 kids and four adults. The zipper on M's jacket broke this morning, thus messing with her perception of the entire freaking universe, and she was an absolute wreck. I was with Superhero. Aide T was with Bulldozer and PH. The Boss moved over there.

Aide J approaches while I'm up getting something. "Bulldozer, can I help you with your work?"

(My martyr complex, let me show you it.)

"No. Aide T."


So, she goes and sits next to M and Aide S, to help calm M down.

A while later, it was time for science. Superhero was iffy, but I felt like he was more or less under control.

Except that Aide J asked him, "Superhero, may I go with you to science?"


She eventually talks him into going, and I predict that they will be back nearly immediately. (They weren't, but I attribute that to the peer pressure factor; after a rocky first couple of weeks, he's generally an angel in his general ed classes.)

Things rock and roll for a while. I am planning on using these for New Boy C and for a second communication option for Elastigirl. Because Superhero is that kinda kid, I gave him one for his desk too (he'd have been all over the other kids' and getting into trouble) that has his own voice recorded saying "help please."

Right now, we're in the "oooh, cool!" stage, wherein he pushes the button repeatedly. Aide J threatened to take it away. I said, "No, we have to respond to this like we'd respond to another kid talking."

She tried to take it away again this afternoon, but caught my dark look. Meanwhile, I said, "R, I will help you when it's your turn," and didn't respond anymore.

But that was a tangent.

It's after News-2-You time, and we're splitting up into working groups. I have Bulldozer and Superhero because Aide S and Aide J are working together, and while I trust Aide S with either of them, she also had M.

Aide J went over to The Boss (girl J) and said, "The Boss, can I help you with your work?"



Then, after lunch, Superhero was doing his usual hyper-giggling thing. Aide S was redirecting him beautifully -- no words, just moving closer or farther away as the situation warranted. Aide J stepped in several times, escalating Superhero to the point that Aide S had to hold his desk so he wouldn't push it over.

Then, when the sixth graders had to leave for their Family Life presentation, she says (are you ready for it?), "Superhero, are you ready to go with me?"

He spit on her.

I think that's a "no."

At that point, Superhero wasn't ready to go anyway, so she left with Angel, while S waited calmly and patiently until he was able to put his shoes and glasses back on. She even (go Aide S!) asked if he wanted to walk there on his own.

He said he did, but I caught her eye and mouthed "Follow him, please."

"Ooooh, yeah," she mouthed back.

Go Aide S!

Meanwhile, I'm pondering whether or not Aide J will notice that on four separate occassions today, kids told her they did not want to be around her.

I mean...that kinda suggests it's time to reflect. Particularly since Aides S, Mrs. B, and T, and I are the ones making them do the hard stuff most times...if anybody, they should dislike us.

In other news, our program specialist recommended me to be a master teacher for a student teacher from CLU. I am (1) appreciative (I mean, nice compliment, yeah?), (2) happy (another body! woo-hoo!), (3) slightly annoyed (like I don't have enough to worry about in the Grown Ups department...Aide S needing more surgery now shooting right up to the top of that list), (4) resigned (when the program specialist recommends you for a job, you do it), (5) happy (master teacher = stipend), and (6) dreading having one more person to worry about.

On the other hand, maybe Aide J will listen to her.

And then I'll ride my flying pig home.

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