Friday, February 08, 2008

Fog and Parents

The tetanus-booster-induced fog continues.  Added to that, I think my immune system -- which was already fighting the plague going through our school (one aide works in a 2nd grade class of 18 in the mornings; on Monday no less than 10 kids, the teacher, and Aide B were all out sick) -- has given up.  It probably was the tetanus booster and hep-B booster that was too much for it.

 Now, about parents.

My allergies were also nuts today, plus the cold and brain fog.  Aide S was feeling sick.  Then I, like a dork, had the kids run on the track this morning, which sent Superhero's allergies into overdrive -- and this is when we get behavioral squalls, so to speak.

So he had a rough day.

Fortunately, he has an awesome mom.  How awesome?  I can say to Superhero, "If you don't stop, I will have to tell mom you lost your privilege (DVDs) tonight," and she'll do it!

Every year, I have a range of parents; this year is no different.

Angel has a foster family.  Sleeping Beauty's parents are both doctors; they are actively involved in the school, but can't always come to school if, for instance, she's sick, and since their entire extended family is in another country, that has made for a few naps on the beanbag.  The Boss's mom struggles but she's also been good backup in the past; once, when The Boss got in trouble, she made sure to pick her up at school the next day and read her the riot act in front of me.

Superhero's mom, as I said above, is made of awesome.  M's parents both have cognitive disabilities themselves, and while I've known parents with cognitive disabilities who were wonderful parents -- and who had very good support themselves -- they struggle.  Bulldozer's parents talk a good game, but also hand feed him and do some other ridiculous things.  I think they mean well -- his dad in particular understands he needs discipline -- but don't really get it.

Elastigirl's father is on dialysis and her mom really struggles but genuinely, truly, tries her best.

And of course there's PH's mom, who is from the far side of the moon.

And by "moon," I mean Pluto's moon Charon.

Or maybe something further out into outer space.

The moral of this story is: I don't care if you're an expert (Elastigirl's mom) or if you're genuinely unavailable (Sleeping Beauty's family) or if your job makes you 10 minutes late to pick up your daughter (Space Cadet J -- now a 7th grader).  If you genuinely care and genuinely try, you are awesome.

To any parents reading this: I'd be willing to bet your kids' teachers feel the same way.


Amie said...

this is one of my favorite posts.

SpooWriter said...

Thank you. :-)

It really bothers me when people badmouth, say, Elastigirl's mom or M's parents -- they are doing what they can with the resources they have. That's what matters.

Amie said...

I agree. Whole heartedly.