Monday, March 17, 2008


So, I'm typing away at the adapted version of chapter 1 of Matilda, which we're starting after spring break.

I've already made the kids' book reports for Swiss Family, and am feeling rather pleased with myself.

Then, Sparky Junior, my poor, in-critical-condition computer, flashes what looks like a BIOS screen -- note...not the blue screen of death, and not a simple freeze -- and reboots itself.

So quickly that I couldn't read what the screen said (and I read fast).

All by itself.

As in, not even my Windows Me computer ever did that.

Sure, it froze if you looked at it wrong...but....

There's only one solution:  Buy nothing for the next two months and pray to the computer gods.


Meanwhile, I comfort myself with images of macho guys hugging cookies.

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