Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Letter R

Patrick has a long and sordid history with the letter R. In most words that involve both Rs and vowels (e.g. birthday, bird, skirt), he reverses the R and the vowel.

Thus, many, many gleefully decorated brithday cards.

So, I'm looking at a wikipedia article for April Fools' Day for the kids' journals (Angel needs two or three sentences to the other kids' one) and I notice a quote from Chaucer in the origins section. Namely, a reference to "thritty dayes."

Now I am consumed with a desire to find out if that's a wikipedia typo or genuine Old English.

'Cause if it is, at least I can tell Patrick he just must be a reincarnated scribe or something. :-)

ETA: The Internet gods must've heard all my whining about boring days, and decided to get back at me with April 4...where the dilemma is which interesting thing to choose.

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