Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bulldozer Hannah

It is a cliche in Stargate SG-1 fanfiction (or, at least, I assume that it must be, given that the twenty or so stories I've read over the last ten years all seem to include it) for Sam to, at some point, exclaim, "Holy Hannah!"
Whether that ever happened in the show, or it's one of those things that started in fandom and became "fanon" (fan-invented canon...I know, I know) or whether I just missed the origin of it, I don't know.
Well, today warranted a Holy Hannah, but not the way you're thinking.
Bulldozer was...think Energizer Bunny on fast forward today.  He literally could not sit still -- this wasn't a willful I-don't-want-to-do-it thing, it was a literally, genuinely, I just can't do it kind of thing.
Unfortunately, hyper mornings like that often become...difficult...afternoons, and today was no exception -- but that comes later.
Anyway, Bulldozer often comes to school his backpack.  For the last two days, it has been a pair of headphones.
Today, as Bulldozer was prancing, hopping, skipping, jumping, and in all other ways whirring through the classroom at the speed of helicopter wings, he stopped and grabbed his headphones and planted them on his head.
He started singing.  He pointed to a pair of 3-D glasses he had also brought (very useful for the kid with one eye, she says sarcastically) from the Hannah Montana movie.
(Translated:  "Hey!  Look!  I'm Hannah Montana!")
And then, he proceeded to dance about the room, singing, playing air guitar, and -- at random intervals -- deeply bowing.It was...cute and funny and reminds me all over again of why I adore Bulldozer (95% of the time).
But the kicker came about an hour later.
Bulldozer has finally settled down enough to finish his morning journal (with frequent popping up and down to get things that OH MY GOD I MUST HAVE RIGHT THIS INSTANT, LIKE FIVE PENCILS AND A PEN AND MY PENCIL CASE AND ANOTHER CHAIR AND JUST THAT ONE TISSUE).
Halfway between the desk where he was working (also a sign of impending doom -- when he starts wanting to be all by himself) with Aide Mrs. B (with Sleeping Beauty in Hawaii and Superhero at home, it was one adult per kid today...that'll never happen again), he froze.
His hand went dramatically to his head. Picture this but with more of a "d'oh!" expression:
"Uh oh!" he said.
When he's in that giddy mood, just about anything can happen.  "What?" I said.
He held out the cord for the headphones and pointed to the tip that would normally be inserted into a CD or mp3 player.  
"Uh oh!" he said again, and shook his head, then signed "Home, broken."
(Translated:  "Whoops!  My headphones aren't plugged into anything because my CD player is at home and broken.")
I opened my mouth to commiserate, when Bulldozer stuck the headphone cord into his pocket, touched his ears with a grin, and started singing again.

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