Saturday, July 12, 2008

M Day

That is, Mark VII Monorail Day.

A full four years after Monorail Orange was removed from the resort in order to reverse engineer it (which has never made sense to me; Disney Imagineering -- notably, with the still-living and therefore still-consultable Bob Gurr -- designed the things to begin with), seven months after Monorail Red arrived at Disneyland, and five months later than expected, Patrick got to ride Monorail Red (which is still in soft opening status).

Unfortunately, the camera wasn't ready when he turned around and blew a kiss to it as it entered Tomorrowland over Submarine Lagoon.

The rest of the night was taken up with keeping Patrick hydrated and sugared (something is still wacky with his electrolytes, which his doctor doesn't believe, but that's a post for another day) and taking pictures with my remote shutter release.  It is nifty, but I have already decided that I need to dig out one of my dad's tripods next time -- a fanny pack on a camera case on a trash can does not a tripod make.

Link to the gallery coming soon.


Amie said...

Somehow I completely missed this post and the one after it until today. I just wanted to say that although I am completely aware that people age even when I'm not around to see it happen, I'm still in shock when I see recent pictures of Patrick! He's so grown up!
And may I also say that I could pick him out of a crowd just by his hands.

SpooWriter said...

Yeah, the hands are a dead giveaway. :-)