Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Rest of the Pictures

Go here to see the whole gallery from yesterday, which includes the pictures below.

A good rule of thumb is that if the file name is prefaced with IMG, it's from the point and shoot and therefore taken by Patrick (except the pictures of...well...Patrick).  If it's prefaced with CRW, it's one that I took.

Incidentally, one nice side effect of having to be in full manual mode to shoot in bulb mode is that, while waiting for the fire works, I finally figured out at a gut level the interaction between exposure length and ISO speed.  (I haven't quite managed to work the aperture part of the equation in, because I couldn't find an easy way to adjust that and experiment too, but, hey, it's progress.)

It's funny -- I always say that I learned to use a computer by playing and experimenting...I should have remembered that about the camera.  I just had to get in and mess around with stuff.

I had read all about photography, but that doesn't compare to real life experience -- it doesn't make you get that the whole goal is to have the ISO low enough to have no noise while also (if you're hand-holding your camera) keeping the exposure time low enough that you won't see evidence of camera shake.


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Amie said...

I couldn't see them. I got a message about using a different browser or something. I hate computers.