Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Ha!

Okay, here's the thing.

I cannot -- absolutely cannot -- pick faces (or anything, really) out of a crowd.  I call it "Can't See the Trees for the Forest Syndrome."

I vividly remember one day when I was about twelve or so -- I was helping teach a class at the park near my house with this lady Vicki.  Vicki wanted something in the art supply cabinet.

I remember opening the cabinet and just seeing...stuff.  No rhyme, no reason -- I had seen all of it, knew what all of it was, but all my brain could see was...a great big mass of stuff.

"No, no, down!" she said.

I looked down.  Stuff, stuff, and stuff.

"To the left."

I looked left.

Stuff, and stuff.

"It's right in front of you."

Eventually, I found whatever it was...but what I had to do was look at each item in the area she indicated individually, until I found whatever it was.  I'm sure she was thinking that it would have been easier for her to get up and get whatever it was herself.

I have the same problems with faces in crowds.  Faces, faces, faces...if I don't have something concrete to hold onto (at my cousin's graduation, I knew she was near the beginning, and found her only because she was right behind two boys), I don't have much of a hope of finding things.

But I recognize people, and I recognize voices.

(Doesn't mean I put names with faces, mind, but that's irrelevant for this discussion.)

Keep in mind that I watch a lot of sci-fi.  Lots of times, people are buried under prostheses and makeup, and sometimes even contacts.  But I recognize them.

In fact, I recognized him:

as also being him:

In this case, it was, I kid you not, the fingers and the smile...even under all that make-up.

So when I mentioned a while ago that the guy who played Nicki's boyfriend on Heroes looked like the guy who played Gunn on Angel, it was with misgivings.

I know what he looks like, and it wasn't him...but I never quite got rid of the idea that he had something to do with Angel.

I was close.

He played Forrest, one of Riley's buddies, on several episodes of Buffy in the fourth season.



I'm actually a little put out that I could recognize Rene Auberjonois under all that make-up, and not this guy, even though he played humans in both cases.

Still, it's nice to solve the mystery.

By the way -- I'm all caught up, but...did I miss the part that explains why Matt and Molly live with Mohinder?  Or, for that matter, how Matt convinced anyone that he should have custody of Molly?


Mz. Cat said...

Matt's wife left him and was having another man's child. They lived in LA. Thus when he met Mohinder and the gang, Matt needed to be closer to the action. So that is how that came together. Wasnt she taken by the "Bad" guys and that is how they got Molly??? They just kept her.

I like to think of then as the token "gay" couple who are not gay. Makes it easier to deal with the whining.

SpooWriter said...

Yeah, I got most of Matt's thing -- it's just...New York is a big city...why Mohinder's apartment?

(I remembered Molly being taken by the company but I didn't put it together...probably as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Molly doesn't exist.)

The whining didn't bother me too much.

Nathan, though...I can't stand Nathan...not really sure why.

Maya and her brother, too, got old. Especially since you could see what Sylar was planning from the very beginning.

(Though him telling Maya's brother, in English, exactly what he would do, was kinda funny.)

And, oh, poor Hiro. :-( Though, I loved that he was really Kinzei.

(I liked Ando's plaintive, "Why do you always have to be the one to save the world?")

So, I'm assuming Claire is immortal too, then? And Peter? (I'm assuming he'll figure out that his blood would heal Nathan, since Adam's did before.)

Also, I am now wondering if Adam isn't perhaps at least Nathan's dad, which would explain why Claire would have his healing gift too.

I liked season 2 -- not as much as season 1, but certainly I didn't dislike it as much as many.

I will say that it felt.... I wouldn't say rushed -- just that you can see some things got dropped, like most of Nicki's story-line.

Hiro's notes to Ando hidden in the sword were *awesome*, as was Ando's insistence that they be read RIGHT NOW, even though the events happened 400 years ago.

Mz. Cat said...

Things were dropped and overlooked due to pending strike. That is my thought. S

The ended up in Mohinder's apt cuz that would be one more piece of staging they had to deal with. LOL!

I dont think Adam is Nathan's dad. He may be some distant grandfather.