Friday, July 04, 2008


I love my iPhone.  I really do.  I am also planning on handing it down on or near the 11th when I buy my birthday present for myself (a 16 GB iPhone 3G).But...that's a week from now...and there's already a line?
ETA:  Speaking of lines...I imagine I will be taking Patrick to Disneyland on Sunday....
ETA2:  Hey!  It's Patrick's friend!  Awesome!  (Yes, he rides the monorail enough that pilots recognize him, and many stop to chat with him -- especially Bill, the one in the picture.)


Special Needs Mama said...

You really think the 3G is going to rock it? I can't bring myself to give in.... But I love my iPhone too.

SpooWriter said...

Well...I'm in a 3G area, but I'm happier about the GPS -- at least until we hit such high gas prices (I'm in the general LA area), I like to go on car rides on the weekend. Sometimes it's the only good sleep my brother has.

I do have a GPS, but I like the idea of having help if I get a bit too ambitious and I don't have it around. (The original iPhone's triangulating is close but not good enough if I'm not in an area I know.)

Also, I use the data a LOT -- there are times I've emailed one of my parents as soon as their kiddo is on the bus, especially if he's had a rough day and I want to warn his grandma. Waiting for my email to load is killer. Sometimes.

Plus, I'm hoping that eventually Sling will have a client for the Slingbox, which would be ridiculous on EDGE speeds but nicely watchable on 3G. Useful for keeping Patrick happy during a long wait at Disneyland. :-)

I don't think it'll be as hug a "wow!!" as my original iPhone was -- compared to my old...KRAZR, I think -- but I do think it's a good deal.

Maddy said...

After 22 days without a computer, I realise that I might be a closet techy afterall.