Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well, Darn

General Hammond has gone to the great Stargate in the sky.

Fandom types will also remember him as Scully's late father in the X-Files episodes "Beyond the Sea" and "One Breath." 

A quick trip to imdb.com says he was also in episodes of Psych, Supernatural, West Wing, Andromeda, The (newest) Twilight Zone, two episodes of The Outer Limits (playing different characters), and an episode of Highlander, along with starting in co-starring in Twin Peaks, amongst many, many other things.

But, to me, he's General Hammond, and I always picture him with two expressions: either the why-on-Earth-did-I-take-this-job incredulity as his best team insisted an invisible Urgo was talking to them in their heads; and the look on his face when Jack started spouting technobabble in "The Fifth Race."


Mz. Cat said...

He was in TWIN PEAKS. Again he played a General.

SpooWriter said...

Did I miss that one? Dang, I meant to add it.

Twin Peaks scared the living bejeezus out of me -- not because of the Bob thing (though reading the tie-in novel I bought for my dad did that very nicely, thank you), but because of the creepy camera work, especially on the tall guy who played Mrs. Troi's valet on TNG.