Monday, February 07, 2005

I Could Put a Cheesy 80s Song Quote Here

But, then, Leo already did that last week. :-)

So, today went pretty well -- which, if we go by last week's mood-swinginess, means tomorrow will be crazy, crazy, crazy....

Tomorrow, by the way, I have A.'s triennial, which I just finished writing. I always like how I think I have no goals planned, and then I just start writing them and don't stop.

As of a few hours ago, my grandpa was awaiting the arrival of a hospital bed at home, then grandma will be transferred home for hospice care. Supposedly, some doctor says it might be a week or less, but then, I remember several times when it was a matter of a day or two for my great-grandma, so I figure we'll just wait and see.

But (like I haven't said this enough), never, ever smoke.

If you've started, chew five pieces of the gum an hour if you have to, but quit.

Emphysema is not fun.

It's especially not fun if all your other faculties are in order, and you know exactly how miserable you are.

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