Sunday, February 06, 2005


First, let me say...the Cowboy Combo at Applebees is very yummy. Had that for dinner last night.

New developments for the day:
  • my aunt is visiting from New Mexico. I hope she came up with a good excuse, or grandma might think things are really, really dire. But my family is not known for its emotional prowess, particularly that branch of it, so I bet they just let it slide.
  • my mother got one of her funny heartbeats, so we just hung out at our respective places today.
  • there is nothing on TV, and I am left watching The Santa Clause 2 on Starz-Whatever-It-Is.
  • I really don't want it to be Monday already, but have little choice in the matter.
You know, I had some other profound thought, but since I have no idea what it was, I'll leave it for some other post.

Happy Sunday.

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