Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's Over

Life, I suppose, is all about compromise. Nobody gets exactly what they want, but everybody gets something.

I compromised today to keep the peace with the administration who, after all, is in charge of me. I get that -- I do. Miss T. was happy. The middle school teacher was happy 'cause her life is not inconvenienced by providing curricular modifications or aide support for J to spend extra time in general ed beyond what her program provides. The OT and APE people were happy because she was moved to consult (a decision I actually supported, as her handwriting and sports skills, like everything else, improved around her peers after years of direct service doing not much).

I did put in a plug to get J in clubs at lunch time and after school extracurriculars.

I don't think mom was 100% happy; I wasn't 100% happy.

But it's over.

Mom signed, and if J. has another period like in 3rd grade where she lost lots of skills, no one can say I never warned them.

It's out of my hands. It'll be someone else's Drama.

Meanwhile, I just realized that I left the ice cream K. (a fourth grade teacher) was kind enough to bring back for me after she went out with the other 4th grade teacher and the science teacher, in the freezer at school. :-(

I have more thoughts, but I actually have to get some work done, and I feel a headache coming on. (Ignore this if you're leery of TMI.) I've had my monthly migraine twice in the last week, but the result of that has not happened yet. I wishy my hormones could decide which of my girls to sync up with -- I thought we were getting there a couple of months ago, but either one of the girls is getting irregular and I didn't notice, or one of the other girls is fixin' to start and confuse my poor reproductive system even more.

Anyone else ever wish that the "pregnancy substitutes" in Huxley's Brave New World actually existed?

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