Thursday, June 14, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So today, I was at A's house doing his home teaching.

I've been having an unusual number of headaches recently, and have been suspecting that it's time for a new prescription (I began to notice that I had to tilt my head a certain way to see clearly across the classroom; I have astigmatism and I think the lenses are ground in such a way that certain places are the proper shape to be clear, while the main area is not).

Anyhow, I'm at A's house giving him a break after testing him on progress towards all his IEP goals. He's doing a monster truck show for me and tries to tell me the name of one of his monster trucks.

Now, I can usually puzzle out what A is saying, despite numerous speech difficulties (I never remember whether he had a stroke as a baby or has CP but the result is the same), but I have to have some idea as to the context. Monster trucks? Not so much.

So he holds up the side of the truck so I can read the name.

It's a tiny blur.

I say, offhandedly, "Boy, do I need glasses. You're going to have to bring that closer."

He grins. "But you have glasses!" he says.


Mz. Cat said...

Chalk one up for the boy!!!!!!!!

SpooWriter said...

Yeah, you gotta choose your words carefully around that kid.

'Course, I've always said, the reason we get along so well is that we have the same sense of humor.