Sunday, August 12, 2007

Best Pictures Day 4 PM -- World Showcase


The "big ball," just 'cause.

Flowers outside of England. 

So, this is a boring picture but I had to post it for Patrick.  This is inside of Club Cool in EPCOT, where they serve (get this) free international Coke products.

I forget what was so funny, but I'm glad I caught the laugh.

A totem pole in Canada.

As for the next 3: my favorite thing in the world to photograph is water.  I love that if you tweak the ISO speed just a little, you get totally different photos.  The following three are the same shot with an ISO of 1600, 400, and 100.  Sometimes I like the freeze-it-in-mid-motion effect of 1600, but with this series, I like the streamy, dreamy quality of the 100.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree with love love the 100 ISO pic of the water. Patricks laugh beats it though :)
Sounds like you guys are having fun!