Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Best Pictures Day 6 Part 1

There were a lot of pictures from yesterday (day 6); we started finish-up mode and did Magic Kingdom in the morning, then MGM Studios for the Backlot Tour, and then over to Epcot to see Illuminations (which rocks, by the way).

Big Thunder Mountain from the Liberty Belle (the equivalent of the Mark Twain).  Big Thunder is more fun, I think, here than at Disneyland -- it's more sprawling and the themeing and scenery is better.  We ran out of time for Splash Mountain, but the same is said to be true of that as well.

The castle in the background.  The blur was a deliberate effect.

A keel boat, languishing along the Rivers of America (I think it's the same name here).  There's also a retired keel boat in roughly the same spot at Disneyland.

This prop from the MGM Backlot Tour should be very familiar to Amie's brother.  They had come over to watch Flight of the Navigator when Patrick was an infant; it was, to my knowledge, the first time he'd ever held a baby.  Patrick repaid him by puking all over his back.

Years later, when I worked as an aide and supported the stepson of the guy who played the younger brother in the 'future' -- when he was actually older than the main character -- I never did work up the nerve to tell him the story, though he'd have loved it, I'm sure.

Soon to be Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The partners statue; there is an identical one at Disneyland.  If I hadn't been afraid of being yelled at (or fainting from heat and falling) I'd have climbed up onto the bench to frame the shot over Walt's shoulder looking down Main Street.

The surprise hit of the trip has been the PeopleMover (aka Tomorrowland Transit Authority, or TTA).  Patrick has ridden it, I think, 4 times already.

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Mz. Cat said...

The trip sounds like it has been exhausting and LOADS of fun!