Monday, August 13, 2007

Best Pictures Day 5

There may be pictures from yesterday (day 6) before today is out, but we're packing this afternoon -- we have to be at the Magical Express bus at 10:50 tomorrow morning -- so the rest of the pics may come when we get back.

The pretty, dramatic clouds above Epcot yesterday.  Patrick-The-Rain-Repeller worked his magic again, though, and although we saw lightning in the distance it did not (again) rain near us.  Boo.

In Morocco (which has the best food, including gyro-style meat and a yummy tangerine slushy thing that was not sweet and very refreshing).  I just liked that the camel looked like he was looking at the lantern.  In reality, he's not facing that way, but when I framed the picture I noticed that illusion.

A statue in Italy.

A temple (that was closed) in Japan.  All of the restaurants were closed too.  The department store (an authentic Japanese chain) was neat -- it really showed how you can mix form and function and make something boring like a department store look really pretty.

Also, Japan was the site of the only casualty of the trip, so far.  Despite a near miss with the extra battery for my point and shoot camera, I hadn't lost anything, until I took off my ankle brace last night (it's not breathable and it had started to irritate my skin) and left it on a bench.  Oh well.

Patrick took this for Cat, since she likes lighthouses.  However, he forgot to take a closer one.

Patrick got a free round of miniature golf.  He had a blast until his ball flew into the water on the 17th hole.

In...Morocco, I think.


This is a recreation of a photo from last time.  We'd walked to the Hilton I mentioned yesterday (near Downtown Disney) for breakfast, and Patrick took the cloth napkin and put it on like a bonnet.  When we shot the re-enactment in Morocco yesterday he added the cup and napkin as embellishments.

Self-portrait number 5.

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Mz. Cat said...

Thanks Patrick for thinking about me and my light house fetish. It was great! When do I get the real picture to put in my house??????