Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, I know Disney is Disney, but for crying out loud, people -- why aren't there coloring pages that aren't the Disney Hercules?

Part of the kids' journals each day looks like this:

One week I did an ocean theme, one week a sports theme, one week a Fourth of July theme...and this week, I'm trying to do a mythology theme to go with the stories we've been reading.  I did okay yesterday finding a picture of Zeus, but...geesh.

(By the way, I'm slowing increasing the size of the box for the period, to fade the prompt that it comes last.  So far, everyone can identify it.  :-) )

Well...back to google.


Mz. Cat said...

this should help

SpooWriter said...

Thanks. I saved that for tomorrow when I need a picture of the Hera. I found this for today...a nicer picture of Herc.

Turns out the key was to take "Hercules" out of the search terms and replace it with "hero." I think the search ended up being "Greek mythology coloring heroes." Go figure.