Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slowly Recovering

Had a bit more energy today...didn't even take a 3 hour nap (of course, that was because I was copying progress reports for summer school and renting a car).

Today was Superhero's last day.  :-(

In other news, the current TV Guide has a rather perplexing cover:

You'll notice at the bottom that it says:

Now, maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but "fall in love" does not equal "get together."  They were in love during the series.

(Also, I find it very amusing that the fandom term 'ship originated with X-Files.  It's so ubiquitous now, but I remember having to explain it if I slipped and used it.)

Anyhow, I realize that it was debated heavily through most of the series, but she had his kid, and the last shot of the series finale was of them cuddling in bed together.

Now, do they ride off into the sunset together?  Who knows? they "fall in love?"

What show were you watching?

This rant brought to you by one of my all-time favorite fandom quotes ever:  "By the sixth season, there weren't no 'sub' in that there 'text.'"

Replies and brain-intensive stuff probably coming tomorrow or Saturday.

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