Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coke Olympics Commercial

I can't decide who I like more: the older gentleman with Down syndrome who is crying as he holds up his medal, or the younger man at the end who holds his arms up in victory (which is what Patrick would do.)

I think it's...odd...that Paralympians don't appear to be included (that I could see), though, and it's also...odd...that the only Special Olympians are people with Down syndrome, but whatever.  Exposure is good -- particularly exposure in a nice, matter-of-fact way.

(In other words, it's an Olympics commercial, not a Special Olympics commercial.)

This is just furthering my desire to write the "About Disability Fiction" post that I've been thinking of for a while, and which Amie's comment a while back reminded me of.

(Yee-ouch, that's lousy grammar.  Sorry.)

However, the music confuses me.  Unless I am vastly, horribly mistaken (unlikely; although I am more or less tone deaf in that I can't even tell a major key from a minor key (used to drive my piano teacher insane), I am usually very good at recognizing phrases of music), that is the intro to "Breathe Me," the lyrics of which don't...quite...match the intent here.
I did, however, once see a very good Battlestar Galactica vid to that song where Starbuck smashing her leg on that red planet happens right when the song says "ouch!"

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