Friday, August 08, 2008

Opening Ceremony Comment #9

The cauldron lighting.

Holy cow.


First utterly freaking terrifying., he was even "running" to the rhythm of the music.

And the way the flame spiraled up?  How awesome.  Gorgeous.

Just wow.


You don't build a 4,000 mile long wall by thinking small, and whatever you think of Chinese politics, you have to acknowledge that they dream big, and they deliver.

That was freaking awesome.

(Also, Yao Ming holding the little boy up so he could see?  Very cute...and probably just as planned as everything else, but whatever.)

ETA:  Um.  Wow.  I wonder how much NBC had to pay Fox to use the David Cook song at the end?

(Yes, I know who David Cook is, and, yes, I recognize (and like) the song, and just shut up, kay?)

(I feel like such a sell-out.)

(I might maybe own some Daughtry and some Kelly Clarkson...but in my defense, I liked the song before I knew who she was.)

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