Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're Back

I miss Washington already.  It was chilly.  Actually chilly.  In late August.  Only problem was, it made it very hard to take pictures of the coast until we got down to Oregon, where the weather cooperated for a day and promptly turned chilly again.

I loved it.

Patrick and I each took about 2,000 pictures.  This will take a long time to go through.  The up side is that I'm digging the "stacks" feature in Aperture, as I often took several exposures of a different picture (especially when the fog rolled in and I was dealing with convincing my camera that the sky wasn't just a mass of white).

Here are a couple of pictures of Patrick, though.  Just for fun.  The one on the bottom is one of Patrick's famous self-portraits.

Patrick is wearing his new glasses, by the way, that were supposed to be transitions lenses, but clearly aren't.  His past attempts at glasses have never lasted long, but we'll see.


Amie said...

Can't wait to see more pictures.
Tell Patrick I like his shirt and the glasses.
He looks like your dad with those glasses and the hair cut (minus the facial hair)

SpooWriter said...

He'll be glad you picked up on the resemblance -- he chose those glasses specifically because they resemble our dad's.

The facial hair is funny...I remember when our dad had a mustache, off and on, and that's one of the places Patrick just can't get hair to fill in.

As for the hair cut...he doesn't really like getting his hair cut, but every time he goes in for a trim (to the same barber shop he's always gone to), he ends up saying he wants a flat top.

Add in the Parental Family Surname Unibrows (which I, fortunately, mostly escaped, though my eyebrows are pretty thick) and he's definitely one of the Parental Family Surname clan.