Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Randomness

Randomness Number 1:  R. story for the day.

We are reading a poetry book this summer; after Little House, I just didn't have the wherewithal to adapt another book from scratch (despite some very good suggestions from both (!!) fourth grade teachers -- the weekly Starbucks runs, while they sucked for me as I don't drink coffee or tea, certainly paid off in the camaraderie department).  Add to that the fact that my program specialist wanted me to attend a training the first two days of summer school (I ended up not going because she couldn't guarantee I'd have any of my aides), and 17 days just wasn't worth it.

Anyhow, before each poem, we're reading a (very) abridged and abbreviated summary of that historical time period (I chose a poem about the Pilgrims, "Paul Revere's Ride," The Gettysburg Address (which was in our poetry book, so there :-p), We Shall Overcome, one other one, and "Hope Eyrie," in honor of the anniversary of the moon landing being the last day of summer school).

So we started the section on the Revolutionary War today.  In the text I gave the kids, I wrote, "The English were not nice to the colonies."  Most of the kids have very simple multiple choice questions, but R, J, and A have harder short answer questions.

One was, "How did the English treat the colonies."

A. got it right away.  (She would.  Hence the move to a more challenging class next year.)

J. got it after I showed her the paragraph the answer was in, with a little verbal prompting.  (She promptly burst into PMS tears, by the way.)

R...not so much.  We eventually got to the point where I was saying, "R., it says the English were not nice.  If someone is not nice, they are mmmmm...?"

Back and forth we went.  Right through snack time.  I will abbreviate the whole thing here to a simple: "YEEEAAARRRGGGHHH!!"

Later today, he had to finish that one question before he got a break.

I say, "Now, R., remember, it says the English were not nice.  Someone who is not nice is -- "

"Mean!" he says, immediately and cheerfully.

Le sigh.

Randomness Number 2:  Frivolous Purchases

Every year for (everybody's) birthdays, my grandfather gives people money.  Always $60.

This year, he must have forgotten to get cash, because my card was full of 10s, 5s, 1s, and even a $2 bill.

I used that money to buy season 1 of BBC's Robin Hood...which is in no way historically accurate, but oh well.  It's funny and I like it.  I didn't like it enough to buy it myself, but with birthday money, it's okay.  (I know, I know, it's all in the same account, but whatever.)

Randomness Number 3: The Disappearing Dock

The shuffle dock is nowhere to be found.  I have been eyeing this travel dock for the trip to Disney World, 'cause it doesn't have a wire to break, snap, get tripped over, etc.) and decided to take the plunge.

Therefore, because my life works this way, I will be shortly locating my shuffle dock.

Randomness #4: Gadget Love

I really want an iPhone.  Especially now that there's a rumor that AT&T is upgrading their EDGE network (apparently, download speeds improved significantly this evening, the day before the launch of a product whose main drawback in reviews has been the slow connectivity of AT&T's network).

I really, really want one.  I have no reason to...I'm, at best, an occasional cell phone user.  But it's so pretty....

Randomness #5:  People Drama

On the aide front, the instant ambivalence is shifting into pretty intense dislike...on both sides.  Apparently, I am included in the other aide's animosity.  This does not surprise me in the least; the last time she worked with me, I was fried, burned out, and stressed over that summer's IEP drama with yet another R.  My heart was not in it, and I was constantly freaked that if I pushed A. just a little too far, he'd flip out and have a major meltdown like the one he did on the second day of school.

(Typing this now, I remember that she Really Didn't Like Being Spit On then...too bad that's R's favorite new thing...'cause, you know, now that we stopped screeching "Pee pee!" we have to replace that fun behavior.)

I was pretty motivated coming into summer school this summer.  I'd had a good year, I was in a good we're working -- we're doing journals, adapted books, News-2-You, etc.  In other words, lots of things she thinks are a waste of time, because we should be having circle time and singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Ah well.  One week down, almost, and R's mom never did yell at me (though apparently she ranted to a lady T. is taking a class with, but oh well).  Tomorrow's an easy day, with APE, cooking (snow cones, this week) and scheduled games time (SpiderMan memory, Cariboo, and Trouble).

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