Monday, June 25, 2007

My Neutrinos Are Spinning the Wrong Way

Once upon a time, my friend Caryn and I were very amused by the fact that a Deep Space Nine episode determined that people were having bad luck because the neutrinos were spinning the wrong way.

For months, we jokingly used that to refer to Murphy's Law.

And, yes, we were nerds.  At least, I was.

Anyhow, my neutrinos are spinning the wrong way this evening.  I really want to charge and update my shuffle, which has become my podcast repository (while my full iPod is my music and videos repository).  I found two full iPod cables, but not the little special one the shuffle uses to sync.

Le sigh.

(Ooh!  A new Order of the Phoenix preview...that I'm pretty sure showed the Department of Mysteries and the veil.  Neat.)

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