Friday, June 29, 2007


Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars 3 1/2 years ago.  They were supposed to last 90 days.

NASA decided to send Opportunity into a deep impact crater.  Like NEAR Shoemaker, a probe that was landed on Eros after a successful mission -- thus becoming the first man-made object to land on an asteroid -- NASA basically decided that since Opportunity has long-since outlived its original mission, the risk that it won't have the power or maneuvering capability to get back out of the crater is worth the risk.

So here's to little Opportunity, the rover that could.  If this proves to be the end of your mission, we'll miss you...but something tells me it won't be.

In other news -- we had our first APE lesson today.  It started out promisingly enough.  They paired us with the two classes that have potential future classmates for A., and although we started with rhythm sticks (bleh) it was at least to a contemporary country song.

Then, in a room full of mostly 5th and 6th graders with learning disabilities, they started a song called "Texas Lonestar," which included -- among other things -- howling at the sky.  Miss T. tried her best to get me in trouble with (amusing and appropriate) snarky comments; the other kids looked either bored or astounded, and poor A. looked at everyone like they were crazy.

Miss C., on the other hand, cheerfully sang along ('cause, you know, supposed to be doing circle time and "Itsy Bitsy Spider").  Afterwards, I jokingly told Miss T. that she was going to get me in trouble, and that if she thought that was bad, she should have seen (now 7th grade) C. and/or (now 8th grade) RL when the OTs would come in and make the kids sing "Tap, Tap, Tap" (a Handwriting Without Tears song).

Miss C., confused, says, "Our OTs sing that here...."

"I told our not to," I said.  "These guys are mostly 10 and's just not appropriate."

If looks could kill, I would now be 12 feet under.  Sigh.  It's been a few years since I had to fight that battle with Miss K., who thought that letting a 6th grader take a nap cuddled in her lap was appropriate.

But I got the best bookend for the story.  After cooking today, I told the kids it was time to clean up.  M (I think) started singing the Barney (blech!) clean up song, so R. (sixth grade) started singing along.  Before I could say anything (I usually just say, "you guys are too big for that song"), A. pipes up with, "You aren't a baby, M!  That song is for babies.  You're too old for that song."

You go, girl.  :-)

Meanwhile, both little A. (the one who is the size of a 7-year-old) and little J. (ditto) have raging crushes on Patrick....


Mz. Cat said...

Ah it was bound to happen. GG and S are such different schools. We are new blood and they are old blood. I was amazed that I didnt get the same attitude about not singing and actually doing academic like work. We only have 14 days left of this crap and we move on to new trauamas, drama and issues.

Regarding the sticks: one day of those is cool. Just think about the scarf thing last year... now that is totally NOT approp for your kids.

SpooWriter said...

I may talk to Coach B and tell her that she really doesn't have to dumb down PE for us (or the other class, but that's just them) and that we'll manage as well as we can. 'Cause, yeah, the scarfs would go over like a lead balloon.

Not to mention, hype M. up beyond belief.

Oh - little J. went right in. :-)

By the way -- your X. had a meltdown because he couldn't have 2 of the same colored rhythm sticks.