Saturday, June 30, 2007

Say What?

When you surf the Internet a lot, you tend to see some pretty...err...interesting...grammatical mistakes.  While they still irk me, I more or less expect them.

This, however, was a new one:

"To spite what some people are saying."

This is one of two things.  It could be someone using voice recognition software and not catching a transcription error.

Or, more worryingly, it's someone who doesn't know the word "despite."


Mz. Cat said...

Or if they are like me... my fingers tend to work faster then my brain something so who nows.... LOL!

SpooWriter said...

I buy that for accidental pluralizing by apostrophe and misuse of it's and its. I've caught that type of mistakes in my own stories.

But...seriously..."despite" as "to spite"? Eesh.