Monday, September 17, 2007

Aaah, Distraction

I am very good at the art of self-distraction.

That is, I really don't want to chooseify our vocabulary for this week (I really should have done it over the weekend), so what do I do?

I made a personal schedule for the Bulldozer, taken from the large schedule I have in the classroom, and copied and pasted down to size, so that we're using the exact same pictures he is already familiar with. I just have to figure out what to use as a "finished" container (probably his pencil box).

The whole thing:

For legal purposes: note that the Bulldozer's name and picture have been blacked out to protect the innocent. The yellow boxes are things he has to do (the white -- every day -- and blue -- not-ever-day smaller pictures) and the green ones are his reward for completing his schedule.

Eventually I would prefer to fade out the green part and have him follow his schedule 'cause...well, 'cause at school, you follow the schedule. But I'll take what I can get at this point.

Top left closeup:

Note that his reinforcers include "get a drink" -- because this is apparently his favorite thing in the world to do. Also note that the symbol for "talk" is his Mighty Mo because I am encouraging his use of his device.

(Which he used today to tell me he wanted to go back to Mrs. S's class. Heh.)

Bottom left closeup:

Now back to vocabulary....

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Casdok said...

Well done! Looks really cool!!