Monday, September 17, 2007

The Bulldozer was a Bear

So, Mondays are clearly not going to be the best of days for a while, as we work to teach The Bulldozer that there are in fact rules at school that he must follow.

He was not a happy camper about that prospect after recess today, though he did well both before and after.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, Aide D-AM (our sub for Aide T) was out again today and did not call in to let us know.  Yipppee.  Add to that a weepy Aide J this morning (she is having drama with her oldest daughter) and a sick Aide S and we had a fun morning.

I had more to blabber about but today is catching up to me and if I don't get up and move, I will fall asleep before I get anything accomplished tonight.

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