Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Enterprise

Yes, I am a nerd.

However, this is cool.  In my younger and more naive years, I would look at a picture of the cast of Star Trek standing next to the Enterprise, which towered over them in all its gleaming white splendor, and always wished they would christen an actual working shuttle "Enterprise."

Instead, Virgin Galactic's first ship is to be given the name.  That is either even cooler or kinda sad, depending on how you feel about the privatization of space flight and exploration.

In other news, Patrick is officially exactly six months away from his 21st birthday.

This is:

1.  Extremely disturbing.  I remember having a conversation once with Amie while sitting on the swing of Patrick's back yard play structure about how I couldn't picture him as a six-year-old.

2.  Potentially lucrative.  Patrick has a knack for pointing out slot machines on the fly.  This started when I would always play a quarter for our grandma, who dearly loved Las Vegas but eventually couldn't go because of her emphysema.

(Although, if she could have gotten past her generation's intense disdain for assistive technology such as scooters, she could have been enjoying her favorite past time until she became too weak to pull the lever -- long after she couldn't walk from the garage to the slot machines.)

3.  Unbe-frelling-lievable.

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