Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Best Pictures From Day 1

Cinderella Castle.  It's bigger than Sleeping Beauty Castle by quite a bit (after all, there's a restaurant and a special hotel suite inside) but surprisingly doesn't feel that way when you're actually there.  It's a testament to Sleeping Beauty Castle's forced perspective, I suppose. 

City Hall.  Everything on Main Street looks...the same but different.  That is, Main Street at Disneyland is supposed to be Walt Disney's hometown (Marceline Missouri) around the turn of the century.  So what they did for Disney World is "age" it up -- it's supposed to be the 20s or 30s, where everything has evolved and gotten bigger.

It's nice, and pretty, but just a little disconcerting.  If it looked totally different, I don't think it would be, but when you know Main Street like the back of your hand, it takes a few moments of getting used to.

The Grand Floridian from our balcony.  The Grand Floridian is pretty, and Patrick wants to stay there, but I'm digging the Contemporary. ;-)

Patrick doesn't like his hat, or the sunglasses, or having his picture taken -- but he was having fun, I promise. ;-)

Main Street.  Just 'cause.

On the PeopleMover.  Pardon me -- on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  But it's really the PeopleMover, just covered.  Patrick loved it -- after we got off, he wanted to get right back on.

Patrick took this picture of a poster in line for Mickey's Philharmagic -- a neat 3D show where Donald steals Mickey's sorcerer's hat and ends up in the middle of most recent Disney movies.  Patrick loved it.

The train station.

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