Saturday, August 11, 2007

Best Pictures from Day 3 -- Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro Safari is surprisingly cool.  You ride in a sort of all terrain bus looking for animals that live on the Animal Kingdom property.

I'll say again, though, thank goodness for my telephoto zoom lens...without it, most of these pictures would have been blurry specks of nothingness among grass and trees.

"Everybody look left / Everybody look right / Everywhere you look I'm / Standing in the spotlight!"

The giraffe that marks the entrance to Africa -- home of Kilimanjaro Safari -- looks remarkably like the giraffes in The Lion King.  ;-)

An African bison.  I think.  I'm not good with animals.

A baby elephant.  I tried to get it looking at us, but the darn car bounced.

A giraffe.  Duh.

A mama rhino and her baby.

Some sort of elk that was very tiny but actually full-grown.

Some sort of bird.

A zebra.  Also duh.

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Amie said...

What kind of slr do you have?