Thursday, August 09, 2007

Best Pictures From Day 2

A fountain at MGM studios.  Miss Piggy is at the top dressed as the Statue of Liberty, but, alas, much of my picture-taking was foiled by cloudy skies and I'm not good enough yet at manually exposing pictures to get a real sky and not a sea of blown-out white.  Still, I love that Animal is the one that turned on the water. ;-)

The upside down waterfall near Figment (the Imagination Pavilion) and the jumping fountains.  It's a little grainy (I used my point and shoot because my SLR was being stubborn and not exposing right) but pretty good.  I discovered the trick of using a 2-second timer for low light shots so that I don't jiggle the camera by pressing the release button.  I also used my arm as a tripod. ;-)

Patrick promised me one good smile picture (AKA Not the Elvis Grin) a day.  This is at a restaurant in the Land, because for some reason, Patrick decided that out of all the things to do in Future World, he wanted to ride Living With the Land (the boat ride, which sadly no longer has the song).

From the Great Movie Ride in MGM Studios (which is way cooler than I remembered, but I get a lot more of the references now) -- a carousel horse from Mary Poppins.  I took about 10 of these for Patrick. ;-)  Again with the 2 second timer trick, but it's a bit blurry because I didn't have anything steady to brace myself on.

Patrick took this neat shot of the sign for the Prime Time Cafe.  He handles the point and shoot while I push him around.  I get a lot of randomness from him (he's an abstract photographer, mostly, and enjoys textures (concrete, buildings, wood) and shoes, but occasionally you get gems like this.)

Yeah...I hope this doesn't need an explanation.  I like how it exposed, though -- I took this from the monorail, and was pretty.

The roof in The Land, which is cool, and Patrick's head, which I must have forgotten to crop. ;-)

Epcot has changed a lot -- none of the rides are the same, though many are very similar (Listen to the Land is almost exactly the same except for the song; Figment is very different but ends with an homage to the first one; Universe of Energy still has the dinosaurs, but it's a Jeopardy! nightmare of Ellen's.)

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