Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Internet is Cool

I didn't start watching Farscape until it had been cancelled.

I didn't start watching Babylon 5 until its 3rd season.  It barely saw its fifth.

I have left a long line of cancelled shows in my wake.  The neat thing, I suppose, is that I often discover these shows over the summer hiatus, which makes the reruns "new" to me -- thus alleviating summer boredom.  Always a good.

Well, last summer, my TiVo, having by now figured out I am interested in programs about folks with disabilities, TiVod as a recommendation a little show on PAX called Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.  It was cheesy but cute and I immediately fell in love.

(It did not hurt that two of the main characters were clearly in love with each other (I'm a 'shipper; what can I say?), nor that one of the other characters had an absolutely adorable Australian accent -- that I later learned is semi-genuine, he having lived in Australia for several years as a kid.)

It had already been cancelled (of course), but they were re-running it nightly.  Of course, I came into it about 10 episodes into season 1, and before I'd seen all the reruns, it stopped airing them.

There are no plans to produce DVDs in the immediate future.

Occasionally, I google "Sue Thomas .torrent" to see if I can find episodes to download (official voice) NOT THAT I WOULD EVER DO SO (ahem).

Tried again tonight, and I found roughly the first half of the episodes, with more being uploaded about every week or so.

Of course, I am not downloading it as we speak, because I would NEVER DO SUCH A THING.



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