Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Off We Go

This is a test...I'm making sure I know how to email my posts to
Blogger in case something goes amiss with the Contemporary's wi-
fi...it's easier to post from my iPhone by email.

We're leaving for the flyaway around 4:30...I'm in my usual last
minute flurry of updating my iPods, which I always say I'll do the
week before and never do.

So here's to a less eventful flight than the last time I went to
Orlando, where the pilot (1) couldn't find the airport and (2) almost
botched the landing once he did find it.

He, of course, said that the airport had asked him to circle and
abort the landing, but my dad's dad was a pilot and my dad, peering
out the window the whole time, called his bluff. (Never did say
sorry for that, Amie -- I know how little you liked flying at the
time...it wasn't the most tactful thing to do.)

Patrick has confessed to having "butterflies" in his stomach and goes
monosyllabic whenever I ask him if it's the flight, so I'm assuming
it is. I bought some Unisom and will probably slip it to him as
Advil, since we're flying non-stop. Having attempted the same when
we flew back East for...someone's...funeral, and having had to drag a
nearly comatose Patrick through O'Hare airport in Chicago because our
plane was late, is not an experience I care to repeat.

So, I'm going to try to post a little each day. If not, I'll see
everybody in a week. :-)

P.S. Could someone please comment on this so that I know it posted
all right? Thanks. :-)


Mz. Cat said...

it is all good. have fun!

Amie said...

it worked. And may I just say two things for the record...1)I'm super super super jealous of you right now! and 2)I like flying now less than I liked it then so I'm feeling Patrick on the butterfly thing. Unisom ASAP. :) Have a blast! Tell your mom and Patrick I said hi.