Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Yes, it's a bad joke.  So sue me.

I got my new glasses Tuesday, and boy, did the eye doctor change something.  The first night, I thought my head was going to explode.  (This is a bit unusual for me, but I quite often have a breaking in period for's just usually more like, "Hey, wait, how far away is that?"  In other words, my depth perception gets...weird.)

Anyway, as my eyes adjust, the headache has been less and less intense each day, but...eesh.

I got the super-flexible ones...which does not make them Bulldozer-throwing-proof, but it might prevent badness from when I accidentally step on them afterwards.

For those that want to boggle, my left eye is 20/175-ish, and my right eye is 20/550-ish...which means that I have to be twenty feet away from something to see it as clearly as you would from 175 and 550 feet, respectively.

And, no, that does not make me legally blind.  Legal blindness means that with the best possible correction, you see 20/200 or worse -- so if I were wearing the strongest glasses I could get and still only saw 20/200, then I'd be legally blind.  (Or if my field of vision were 20 degrees.)

Just clearing that up, as that's almost always the first comment I get, and I'm a stickler for accuracy.  :-)

(I do, however, have a restriction on my driver's license that I must wear my glasses to drive.  Fair enough...although in an absolute, utter emergency, as long as I knew were I were going, I'd get there without hitting anybody...I just couldn't read street signs and would have to remember that my depth perception is all wonky.)

Meanwhile, "The Island" is one of the most melancholy songs I've ever heard, and the guy I'm listening to right now can't sing it.  This guy can.  Of course, he wrote it.

And, really, it's not that he technically can't sing it -- it's that he has no idea what he's saying.  He says "so we sacrifice our children to feed our worn out dreams of yesterday" with no more feeling than "this wasn't meant to be no sad song" (which he sings without irony, except that it's...ironic).

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