Saturday, July 26, 2008

More on Evan

MOM-NOS has a lovely tribute here.

Having been involved in online stuff for a while, you can feel very connected with people.  Blogs have made that easier in some ways, and harder in others.

For instance, I rarely leave comments, even though I often want to, because I think, "why would this person care what I have to say?"

(And, often, because people seem so much more clever in their comments than I could ever be.)

(And, often, because I'm a sibling and not a parent, I don't feel quite qualified to say something.  On the rare occasions that I do, I generally preface the comment with that fact.)

So a reciprocal relationship is something you have to work at in blogging.

But at the same time, perhaps because I'm just the type to remember what I read, if I hear the name of a certain country star, I think of MOM-NOS's son.  Because she lives nearby, I always harbored the secret thought that maybe I'd run into Vicki and Evan when they were out and about.  The last time I rode the subway, such as it is here, I thought of Charlie.  I've given some serious thought to attempting to learn at least a little Japanese, in the hope that someday I can take Patrick to DisneySea, so I thought of Brandon and his mom learning Japanese for their trip last year.

Blogs like Vicki's, and Kristina's, and Lisa's, and MOM-NOS's, and Niksmom's, and Casdok's, and Maddy's, and Daisy's...the stories about their lives, their kids...they leave a mark.

And so, even though I'll not run into Evan on his adventures, I'll remember him, too.  Particularly when I see a child swinging.

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MOM-NOS said...

Thank you for this. I always respect someone's decision to lurk and not comment when that feels right for them, but really - this person cares what you have to say. So, please, feel comfortable saying what's on your mind, clever or not. It's all important - and we need our circles to be as big and strong and inclusive as they can possibly be.

And can I just say that I love, love, love that you think of Bud when you hear DB? Bud would love it too.