Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Minor Whining Rant

Point the first:  When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, he said that the reason he chose EDGE over 3G and chose not to include a GPS antenna was that both would (a) drastically reduce battery life or (b) require a much larger battery, thus affecting the form factor of the device.

Cue a year of whining and complaining about not having 3G and GPS and furious speculation over when the iPhone would, in fact, include those technologies.

Point the second:  The new iPhone 3G has (duh) 3G and GPS.  It also has a shorter battery life while both are turned on.


I just....

I just....


Disclaimer:  I have an original iPhone and have yet to procure a 3G because I am too lazy to wait in the lines.  I did try one evening, gambling on the line near the mall's closing time not being too bad, and missed it by 5 people.  I just can't take the whining anymore.


Amie said...

I don't have an iPhone, I don't care enough about my cell phone to get one...but I did notice the line for the apple store and I felt sorry for people. Then I remembered that they were there of their own free will and I laughed at them.
Then again, I can think of a few things I'd wait in line for.

SpooWriter said...

I never cared enough about a cell phone to really worry about it before; the last one I had before this one did have a camera in it to catch those once-in-a-lifetime moments like Superhero putting an orange cone on his head, but beyond that....

The iPhone initially appealed to me because of the gorgeous screen and because I could watch movies and such on my phone -- so I wouldn't have to carry around two devices, especially in places like Disneyland where I sometimes get overwhelmed by the crowds and prefer to listen to music.

After having it for a few weeks, and being able to send the frantic "OMG Superhero is very grumpy, please warn Grandma Susan before he gets home!" (not her real name) emails from right outside the bus was invaluable.

Plus, I used Google Maps way more than I thought I would -- ditto the web browsing.

None of which is super relevant to your comment, of course, except to sympathize about not really caring enough about a cell phone.

(Also, it may sound like iPhone proselytizing, but it's really not meant to be.)