Saturday, July 26, 2008


At Disney World last year, I spent some time hunting down elusive plus-sized clothing at the World of Disney store.  I didn't have much luck, though I did get one dubiously-sized shirt that seems bigger than it said it was, which kinda-sorta fits.

Guess what I found?

No, it's not quite the's not, say, a Mickey's PhilHarmagic t-shirt...but it means I can now have a Dory only dilemma is...should it say "Just keep swimming?" or "It's a blue and yellow whale!"

The first is a movie reference, and the second is from the new subs.

On second thought, the second makes it feel more like a theme park shirt.


This comes on the heels of finding a shirt at the Star Trek Experience that just called to me.  I've more or less made peace with the fact that size 2 shirts are not in my future, but that one...that one was enough to make me stop and have my "what if" moment.

It was a cartoonized, stylized Orion Slave Girl (shut up), and the caption was "It's not easy being green."

Heh heh.

ETA:  Officially licensed Yoda shirts!  That come in my size!  Oh, I think I'm in love....

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