Monday, July 21, 2008

Hailing Frequencies Closed, Sir

So, a while back the news broke that Star Trek: The Experience was closing on September 1.

Patrick adores the place, even though he doesn't like the food, because there is a large-screen TV and a wandering Klingon that will sing his beloved "'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw," his favorite Klingon song, with him.

Of course, having no idea that I would not feel too well, I agreed that we could go one more time after summer school was over.


That is at an overlook at Lake Mead (Hoover Dam), which is only about half an hour outside of Vegas.  I just liked the way the lines of the road and the hill intersected.

I took the picture to show how much the water level has gone down, but it turned out really pretty to boot.

(Note:  This is the first time I've shot for a whole day in RAW.  Yay me.)

I really liked the pattern of the little waves on this one.

Who needs a tripod when you can lay your camera on its back on a camera case and use the self-timer?

(  That kind of limits what you can shoot.  :-)  Fortunately, my dad had two, one of which was more easily accessible than I thought...which I found out after the fact.  Oh well.  Also, I learned that my limit for hand-holding a shot is about a third of a second.)

Patrick's restaurant.  There are rumors of the concept being shopped around to other casinos in Vegas (Planet Hollywood seems a good fit to me), plus there's the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle.

(Also, it is a travesty that there is no Planet Hollywood restaurant in Planet Hollywood.  They have the best Caesar salad....)

Maybe the salt monster can kill the Gorn before he throws any more fake foam boulders.

I cropped this one about ten different ways before I found an image I liked.  I wish the huge crane weren't there, although continual construction is part of Vegas, I suppose.  Note the colored monorail blur.  This was about a ten second exposure, as I recall, sitting on the railing of the Hilton's parking structure (yes, I was holding the strap to prevent disaster).


Amie said...

lovin all of the photography posts lately...
Hope you're feeling better!

SpooWriter said...

I'm having lots of fun taking pictures, because I feel like I have a lot more control over it now that I had my lightbulb moment about how ISO and length of exposure interact.

It's like the two past tenses in Spanish -- when I was learning them in high school, I had no "feel" for which to use. So, while I generally used the right one, I constantly, I guess, about it.

Once it hit the "instinctive" level, I felt much better.

The same thing happened here -- I intellectually understood how they interacted, but then when I was playing around and really got it...then I got it.

I'm feeling about 80% better, though I still feel nauseous at night. :-(

Glad you like the pictures, in any event. I took a bunch of Lake Mead itself, too, but it was very hazy, and even with my haze filter on, all the pictures just looked...bleh. Which is a shame 'cause it was almost sundown, and the light was gorgeous on the rocks...just not the water.